Fixed beam antennas
metasurface antennas with a fixed radiation pattern
MW creates technology stack in metasurface antennas. High directivity, multibeam, dual bands, difficult beam, transparent. For 8..150 GHz bands. It’s very efficiency solution for many wireless applications.
To download the datasheet, click on the model of the antenna you are interested in.
Low weight / ultrathin / planar
High efficiency / high directivity
Difficult beams / multibeam / Dual Bands
Tunable / transparent (in progress)
LEO Satellite constellations 
  • Payloads
  • User terminals
  • Intersat link
  • HUB / Gateway
MEO / HEO / GEO satellite communications
5G mmWave n257/258/259/260/261
6G sub-THz communications
W/E-band networks
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