Antennas for advanced communication systems


We are developing advanced antenna technology for perspective wireless communication systems.

Mission - to facilitate wireless penetration to uncovered territories, improve the quality of coverage and increase the data transfer speed

Know-Hows and Expertise
Low Earth Satellite Constellations for HTS (User Terminals UT, PayLoad, Intersat radio link)
5G mmWave
Large Intelligent Surfaces
Orbital Angular Momentum
Novel Antennas & Metasurfaces
Tunable Materials
Electrodynamics & Radiophysics
RF & Microwave design
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Development of high-performance receiver
As part of the project to modernize the RATAN-600 radio telescope for the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the village. Nizhniy Arkhyz, Karachay-Cherkessia, Matrix Wave has developed and delivered a high-sensitivity receiver unit with an operating range of 3 GHz-18 GHz.The receiver is used both in current research and will serve as a platform for the creation of new surveillance devices.The receiver has a DSP module for digitizing and processing astronomical signals based on XilinxUltraScale.
Low speed mobile Sat-Com Solutions
A low-speed satellite communication system based on DSSS technology was implemented jointly with MIBS.In the terrestrial terminal, a MatrixWave antenna was used, which is highly efficient, compact and lightweight.
5GmmWave Coverage Improvement
MatrixWave solutions were used by a cellular operator in a 5G pilot zone in Moscow to improve coverage in the no-line-of-sight zone from gNB to crowded locations.
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